Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB450AP On-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)



Sony is one of the most reputed electronics brand in the world. Their headphones are one of the most popular in India. The Sony – MDR-XB450 is one of the entry-level model from Sony’s extra bass or XB series. It has become favorite amongst bass enthusiasts immediately after its launch.

The MDR-XB450 is an on-ear headphone that has an unobtrusive design. The drawback with the design is that noise isolation will suffer. The MDR-XB450 comes in 5 different colours namely: black, red, blue, yellow and white. The swiveling earcups have a glossy metallic styling which looks absolutely fantastic. They also feature gold-plated 3.5mm L shaped jack.


The plastic construction of these headphones is a big let down, making it fragile. They have tangle-free flat serrated cables. Talking about the sound, these headphones are meant for bass fanatics. There is tons and tons of bass that’s a real crowd pleaser.

If you’re probably looking for definition and detail then you’re better looking at other options. The mids tend to be hollow and the highs are very recessed when compared to other headphones in that range. The MDR-XB450’s soundstage is two dimensional. If extra bass is what you’re looking for then the Sony – MDR-XB450 is a great option on a tight budget.

You can also upgrade to MDR-X450AP for the addition of an in-line mic and controller that you can use with your smartphone.

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